Allagash White

ABV: 5.20%

Style: Witbier

Trivia: Until 1900, about 75% of beer produced in Belgium was witbier.

Random: Allagash is brewed in Portland…every time I think of Portland, I think of the Family Guy episode where Joe gets new friends and replaced Cleveland with Portland.

This is Allagash’s interpretation of a Belgian wheat beer, probably one of my favorite styles of beer, especially in the summer. Poured nicely with a little head (less than one finger). The picture was taken about 1 minute after pouring. Appearance is cloudy, but pleasant yellow. It looks like what I’d expect from a wheat beer. I got a lot of lemon and coriander when I first smelled it. On first sip, you definitely get the coriander. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s not overly simple either. It’s a nicely balanced beer. I’m also getting a little bit of clove, and the more that I drink it and the citrus flavors definitely come out. It’s got a nice carbonation to it and I could see easily putting away a bunch of these while sitting on a patio on a summer night. It’s mild enough to be a nice introductory witbier for someone whose afraid of straying away from Blue Moon. I’d be interested to try it on draft and see if there’s a significant difference. Definitely will be having this again.

Untappd Rating: 5.0/5.0

5 thoughts on “Allagash White

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