Deus (Brut des Flandres)

So, it’s my birthday. There’s no real celebration until next week. Well, unless you count opening a bottle of Deus. I found this at Total Wine in Union. So, I’m ready to break out the flutes and try this bad boy.

ABV: 11.5%

Style: Biere de Champagne

Trivia: Deus is Latin for “god,” or “deity.” This beer also has its own wikipedia page which says: “During the brewing process, it is fermented over a month with two yeasts, re-fermented near Épernay in Champagne, France and then bottled, after which it is left in a cellar for 9 months and rotated for a week, and then the yeast removed.”

Random: This is a brew that seems like it will appeal to my wine loving side. Although, I think it’s weird to drink it out of a flute.

This brew pours just like champagne. It has a one finger white head that dissipates quickly with no lacing. The body is a clear, golden color. On the nose, I get a bubbly sweetness, with a little honey mixed into it. Also, some sour fruits on the nose as well. The taste is weird. Perhaps because I expect it to taste like champagne. It’s not really sweet. There is some serious carbonation on it and I get hints of booze and honey. I’m not sure how I feel about the brew. The finish is quick and unremarkable. Nicole looks up an article and someone says that is “champagne made with grain instead of grapes.” That is the perfect description for this. Once your brain decides that it’s okay that it’s not sweet, it’s okay, not great mind you, but okay. So, second impression. The high carbonation takes the front seat, as does the booze. I also get some green apple on the taste. This is one of the most unusual beers that I’ve ever had. But, this beer is pricey at $40. It’s obviously not something that you could drink everyday, nor would you want to. But, I think this is overhyped beer. After two flutes worth, I’m disappointed. I was hoping for a beer that would floor me. Instead, it’s just a mediocre beer that would put me on the floor. Avoid buying a bottle due to the price tag, worth a taste if you can get it, just because it’s so unique. But, this beer was a major disappointment.

Untappd Rating: 2.0/5.0

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