Ithaca Apricot Wheat

I had this beer while cooking for New Year’s Eve dinner. This was another beer that I had bought for a party (I think Christine actually chose this beer). I had grabbed one to throw into the crisper to do a review on it. I think I also had this beer once at Cork during Haddon Pub Fest and I think I enjoyed it. When I first got into beer, I really liked fruit beers, so I was interested to see how I would enjoy this one since I’ve found that I enjoy other styles a bit more.

ABV: 4.9%

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Beer

Trivia: According to wikipedia, “Its (apricots) introduction to Greece is attributed to Alexander the Great, and the Roman General Lucullus (106–57 B.C.) also exported some trees – the cherry, white heart cherry, and apricot – from Armenia to Europe. Subsequent sources were often confused about the origin of the species. Loudon (1838) believed it had a wide native range including Armenia, Caucasus, the Himalaya, China, and Japan. Today the cultivars have spread to all parts of the globe with climates that support it.”

Random: I finally found a beer that my sister likes. She only drinks Coors Light and Corona Light and I’ve been giving her tastes of every beer I review. This is the first one she said she preferred to Coors Light. Well, it’s a start.

This brew poured with a half finger of white head that dissipated quickly. It didn’t leave any lacing either. The body of the brew was a cloudy light orange color with lots of carbonation. The nose had a lot of apricot notes with hints of lemon and peach. I also got a slightly hint of wheat on the nose as well. On the first taste, I was hit with lots of seltzer-y carbonation. The taste is lots of apricot which dominates with hints of lemon and peach, pretty much just like the nose. The finish was insanely quick with no real dominating flavors. The brew itself is very thin and the carbonation goes well with this type of beer. This would be a brew that I could easily put a bunch down during the summer, but in the winter, it’s way too light for me. A decent brew, but one I’d only bring out in the summer.

Untappd Rating: 2.5/5.0

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