Best Brews January 2012

January was a great month for beer. I had a really rough time choosing the best of the best, but here they are:

1. Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA

Before this beer, I found black IPAs to be alright, but nothing outstanding. This beer is exactly what a black IPA should be.

2. Avery Out of Bounds Stout

Coffee, roasted malts, stouty goodness.

3. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (2011)

Lots of silky, bittersweet chocolate with hidden booze.

4. Terrapin Reunion Beer 2011

Chocolate and chili? Perfectly drinkable combination.

5. Westmalle Tripel

A solid Belgian.

Honorable Mention: Kane Head High, Founders Centennial IPA

And as a new feature for 2012, I’m going to also list the biggest disappointment beer of the month. For January this was Mikkeller Barrel Aged Chipotle Porter. The regular version I had was amazing and I had high hopes for the barrel aged version. Unfortunately, the barrel aging just overwhelmed the chilis.

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