March Madness – Final

March Madness – Finals

The final matchup. This has actually been a really fun experience. It’s forced me to go back and really look at what I drank and put beers of completely different styles up against each other and evaluate them. Perhaps this becomes an annual thing. So, onto the last matchup…two great beers, but only one can emerge victorious.

(3)     Terrapin Reunion Beer 2011 v. (2) Stone 15th Escondidian Imperial Black IPA

Winner: Stone Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA

Comments: This was pretty hard to decide. How I finally came to the decision was that Stone 15 changed my opinion on the style as a whole. I would definitely try other Black IPAs since I found one that is so good. Terrapin Reunion really didn’t change my opinion on the style. I love beers with chilis. I would have tried another one regardless of whether I had this beer or not. Stone takes it.

Thanks for following March Madness! If you want to see the final bracket, you can check it out here Round 6.

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