Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale

Posted: April 5, 2012 in American Brown Ale, Reviews, Smuttynose Brewing Company

I had this beer last night at Moore’s Tavern in Freehold. They have a few different craft beer selections and after they didn’t have my first choice, this is the one that I went with. I was just talking about how I haven’t had a lot of Smuttynose brews and I’ve now had two this week.

ABV: 6.5%

Style: American Brown Ale

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Old Brown Dog has been cited as a classic example of the ‘American Brown Ale’ style of beer. Compared to a typical English Brown Ale, Old Brown Dog is fuller-bodied and more strongly hopped. Old Brown Dog has been around for many years. It was first brewed in 1988 at the Northampton Brewery. In 1989 it won a silver medal in its category (American Brown Ale) at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.”

Random: Oh baseball, how I’ve missed you.

This brew poured with a two finger, cream-colored head that dissipated slowly and left significant lacing on the glass. The body was a clear chestnut color (from what I could see, the lighting was just awful in the restaurant). The nose presented with mostly nutty malts and not much else. The taste was really pleasant. I got some hazelnut and a bit of toffee with a hint of hops at the end. I got some chestnuts as well on it with a hint of maple. It was also creamy on the end of the sip. The body was on the thicker side with light carbonation. The finish was moderate with nuttiness. This was a really nice brown ale, one of the better one’s that I’ve had. I would definitely have this one again.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0


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