The Funky Buddha Ich Bin Lime Berliner

The last event that Katie and I headed to (after grabbing some ice cream) was one at Monk’s for Funky Buddha. I had heard a lot about their beers and I tend to really like Berliner Weissbiers, and as I found out, so does Katie. So, we managed to try a few of their offerings. This was the first one.

ABV: 4%

Style: Berliner Weissbier

Trivia: According to, “Key lime pie is an American dessert made of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk in a pie crust. The traditional Conch version uses the egg whites to make a meringue topping. The dish is named after the small key limes (Citrus aurantifolia ‘Swingle’) that are naturalized throughout the Florida Keys. While their thorns make them less tractable, and their thin yellow rind more perishable, key limes are more tart and aromatic than the common Persian limes seen year round in most U.S. grocery stores.”

Random: I’ve never had a lime flavored craft beer.

This brew poured with a two finger white head that dissipated quickly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a hazy yellow color with no visible carbonation due to the color. The nose was amazing. It smelled just like key lime pie. I got lime and cinnamon. The taste was just as amazing. It had lots of bright lemon citrus with lime and cinnamon. There was also some clove as well with graham cracker. The body was light with high carbonation. The finish was lengthy with citrus lime and cinnamon. I love this brew. This beer was amazeballs. I would have this again in a second. It was so unique. I’ve never had a brew like this. Find this, immediately.

Untappd Rating: 5.0/5.0

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