Fort Collins Kidd Lager

This was the last beer from Sunday. I cracked this one open while watching some movies with my sister. We watched “Snatch,” which was absolutely horrible. Then, we watched a documentary on how beer saved the world which was actually pretty good. It did the whole beer and history thing, which I really liked. Then, we watched Thor. For me, movies that are based on comics are hit or miss. This one was alright to me. I think it helped watching it on the big tv. So, beer time.

ABV: 4.75%

Style: Schwarzbier

Trivia: According to, “William ‘Captain’ Kidd (c. 1645 – 23 May 1701) was a Scottish sailor remembered for his trial and execution for piracy after returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean. Some modern historians deem his piratical reputation unjust, as there is evidence that Kidd acted only as a privateer. Kidd’s fame springs largely from the sensational circumstances of his questioning before the English Parliament and the ensuing trial. His actual depredations on the high seas, whether piratical or not, were both less destructive and less lucrative than those of many other contemporary pirates and privateers.”

Random: I remember having this beer in my fridge about a year before I started the blog and way before I even had a concept of what a schwarzbier was.

This one poured with a full finger of tan head that dissipated slowly, yet left no lacing on the glass. The body was a clear, dark brown color with moderate visible carbonation. The nose had roasted malts, coffee and a bit of chocolate. What was noticeably missing was that smoky characteristic that I love from a schwarzbier. This isn’t boding well for this brew. While keeping an open mind, I took a sip and got instant bitterness and roasted malts. There wasn’t any of the chocolate that I got in the nose and a slight bit of coffee was present. Finally, I got some smoke. But, honestly it took a few sips for it to come out. I really would have liked more of a smoky character to it. The body was thick with moderate carbonation. The finish was remarkably quick as well with a toasty finish. After about 20 minutes, the beer slightly improved and more smoke came out, but not enough to make me search this one again. I wouldn’t have this one again. There are so many better examples of a schwarbier out there than this.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0

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