Rock Art IPA

This is the last brew that I have from the Rock Art mixed twelve pack that I picked up. I haven’t read all that many reviews on Rock Art, but I really wasn’t floored by the ones that I reviewed from the twelve pack. My guess is their beers in bombers are a bit better. At least they have cute labels.

ABV: 5%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “A light copper body low bitterness with good hop flavor. This is my impression of what the English troops may have been drinking when they occupied India. The pale ale they drank had mellowed considerably. The wooden casks had spent many months traveling on ships and long inland journeys to the troops, where they were then tapped and enjoyed.”

Random: I’ve been watching the documentary, “Life.” It’s somewhat like Planet Earth. I have a bit of an obsession with these types of documentaries.

The brew poured a beautifully thick, two finger, cream-colored head that topped a cloudy, burnt orange body. There was medium carbonation visible with lots of floaties throughout. This beer looked like it had promise. The nose was pretty much a typical IPA. I got some citrus, specifically grapefruit and not much else. The taste was a bit different. I did get citrus, but I got pronounced lemon at first. After it warmed a bit, it became more of a grapefruit flavor. The malt came towards the end of the sip, but could have been more present to balance it out. After a few sips of the brew, I kept picking up this weird medicinal quality to it. I really didn’t know what that was about, but it lasted to the finish. The body was thick, but not overwhelming with appropriate carbonation. This was just an alright brew for me. Nothing to write home about.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0

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