Leinenkugel Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout

As you probably know if you follow the blog at all, I love documentaries. About 70% of everything on my queue on Netflix is some sort of historical movie, documentary or something from the History Channel. My current disc is the second disc of “The Men That Killed Kennedy.” It’s a really interesting documentary that shows all of the different conspiracy theories regarding the assassination. Even my sister enjoyed it. Hopefully I have something decent in the next queue spot.


ABV: 9.5%

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Trivia: According to beerpulse.com, “Inspired by the Big Eddy Spring, the lifeline of the Leinenkugel’s brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wis. since 1867, Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout is a deep mahogany brew featuring 11 different malts, espresso and mocha character. The brew finishes with nutty toffee and molasses notes. First introduced in 2010, Russian Imperial Stout is one of four brews in the Big Eddy craft series, including Big Eddy Baltic Porter, Big Eddy Imperial India Pale Ale and Big Eddy Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. ‘Over the years, our Russian Imperial Stout has attracted a loyal following from beer enthusiasts,’ said Jake Leinenkugel, fifth generation brewer and president of the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company. ‘It’s a robust, flavorful beer, yet Russian Imperial Stout pairs well with a variety of meats as well as chocolate desserts.’ Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout ages well and is reminiscent of the 18th century Russian Imperial Stout style that contained extra malts and hops to act as preservatives during long voyages from England to Russia, where it was served in the royal court. Brewed with 11 different malts including Munich, Carmel, Chocolate, classic Pale and Pale Ale, this Russian Imperial Stout provides a rich, dry character, perfectly balancing Big Eddy’s hoppy assertiveness. Warrior, Summit and Glacier hops create a bold tribute to the characteristic intensity of the flavor.”

Random: I had a really bad dream after watching the first disc of the documentary. I woke up wondering where the Secret Service was…

This brew poured with a full finger of tan head that dissipated quicker than expected with no lacing left on the glass. Instead, it had a crown that hung around forever. The body is almost black with no visible carbonation in it due to the color. The nose had the obvious notes of chocolate and coffee. It also had some vanilla and licorice. On the taste, the first thing that I got was bitter baker’s chocolate with espresso. Then, licorice came up as well. I got some char as well. This brew was really bitter to me, but sweetened up a pretty substantial amount as I let it warm. The body was on the thinner side of the style with very light carbonation. The finish lasted for about a week with roasted malts, char and baker’s chocolate. There was also a slight booze warming on the end. This was only okay to me, it wasn’t anything outstanding.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

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