Scuttlebutt 10 Degrees Below

Scuttlebutt. It’s a funny word. I basically have the brain of a twelve-year-old boy most of the time, so I find this giggle-inducing funny. It also has a polar bear on the label, which is not all that cute. Anyways, this is another leftover from the holiday season that I’m just getting to. I’ve basically been trying to get through all of my current tasting beer before I make another beer run, so I’m finding all of these seasonals. This is another one that you can’t get in Jersey. Let’s see if it’s worth seeking out.


ABV: 7.4%

Style: Weizenbock

Trivia: This brew comes in at 22 IBUs.

Random: At work, we play the same radio station every single day. It’s to the point I can almost predict the songs. Time for Pandora…

This brew poured with a two finger, tan head that dissipated slowly and left significant lacing on the glass. The body was a cloudy dark brown with no visible carbonation due to the cloudiness. The nose was some toasted malt and vanilla with a touch of coffee, but wasn’t all that pleasant. Luckily, the taste was a bit better. I got some smoky dark coffee with cocoa powder. I was waiting to get more flavors from each sip, but no, this brew was pretty bland and no additional flavors came up. The body was on the thinner side with insanely high carbonation present. It had a long finish with smoke and cocoa powder. This one was only alright. The carbonation took something from the flavor and although drinkable, was not outstanding. This definitely didn’t remind me of a true weizenbock.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0

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