Triumph Belgian Dubbel

Last Saturday, I managed to do something on a Saturday that I hadn’t be able to do in a very long time: get out at a decent time. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I got home at right after 7. It was a crazy day at work, but the trucks finished at a decent hour and I got home to my honey nice and early. We ended up going out for dinner to Triumph in New Hope. We walked around for awhile and wanted to go somewhere with outdoor seating, but most of the menus of the local restaurants were still featuring winter fare, which definitely did not fit the weather. So, we decided to go to Triumph. Although I like this location better than the Princeton one, the food was only alright. I tried this brew while we were there. The picture is awful since we were sitting outside and it was already pretty dark when I ordered this one.


ABV: 6.3%

Style: Dubbel

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “The sweet malty aromas derive from imported dark Belgian candi sugar and caramel malts. Our strain of yeast creates the depth of flavor, fruit-like esters and sophistication.”

Random: I think next time we’re in New Hope, we’ll try a different place to eat. There are so many good restaurants and we always seem to end up there.

This brew poured with a barely there tan head. It dissipated quickly and left slight lacing on the glass. The body looked to be a cloudy chestnut color, but it was hard to tell since it was really dark out. For the same reason, I couldn’t tell how much carbonation was in this brew. The nose had some dark fruit and Belgian yeast to it. It smelled pretty good, so I was interested to see if the taste was good. On the sip, I got significant raisin and dates with some prune and Belgian yeast. There was also some cherries in there with biscuit. The body was on the thicker side with high carbonation. It had a quick finish with dark fruit. I was surprised at how good the flavor on this beer was. Normally, I find Triumph beers to be alright, but this one was really enjoyable and I would definitely have this one again. If you see it on tap, it’s definitely worth a sip.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0

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