Crazy Mountain Old Soul Strong Belgian Golden Ale

This was another brew that the lawyer picked up for me. This one happened to be on sale. I had never had anything from this brewery, so I was really interested to see how it was.


ABV: 7.5%

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “A healthy amount of wheat gives this beer a very smooth mouthfeel that is accompanied by a fruity yeast character. Belgian candi contributes to this beer’s light body and complex flavor. European hops team up with Juniper berries to offer a soft, subtle spiciness. Wise up and quaff a pint of this Belgian ale.”

Random: The label art on this one is a bit on the boring side.

This beer poured with a two finger, slightly off white head that dissipated at a moderate pace and left no lacing on the glass. Given the style, it was surprising that the beer didn’t leave any lacing or have a larger head. The body was a clear, light amber color with moderate carbonation. The nose had Belgian yeast and tart lemons with some golden raisins and a note of tea as well. The taste has a bit of yeast and tartness with lemons. I also got a medicinal note that must have been from the juniper that was added to the beer. It wasn’t an overwhelming flavor, but it was definitely present. There was also a bit of candi sweetness. There wasn’t any booze that was detectable on the beer. It had a medium thickness body and low to moderate carbonation. The finish was quick with some yeast and candi sweetness. To me, this beer was really boring. But, it would make a decent introduction to the style for a new beer drinker.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

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