Stillwater Brontide

The other half was out at Trivia Night tonight, so I spent the night watching my Netflix, which tonight happened to be the live on Broadway taping of “Rent.” I assumed that it would be the original cast and I was definitely wrong. It wasn’t awful, but there were definitely parts that were not great. Especially the parts that featured “Mimi.” Anyways, this was the brew that I had last night. It’s another beer from Stillwater and I really have been enjoying brews from them, so let’s see how their Belgian dark ale is.


ABV: 5%

Style: Belgian Dark Ale

Trivia: According to, “Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Depending on the distance and nature of the lightning, thunder can range from a sharp, loud crack to a long, low rumble (brontide).”

Random: I still know almost every word to every song in “Rent.”

This brew poured with a two finger, light brown colored head that was very slowly to dissipate, but left no lacing on the glass. The body was a dark brown color with no carbonation visible due to the color. The nose was relatively fragrant with roasted malts and light chocolate with white pepper. The taste had a bit more depth with light cocoa powder, malted milk, white pepper and bready yeast at the end. There was a hint of bitterness at the end from grassy hops, but nothing intense. The body was smooth, but on the thinner side with moderate carbonation. The finish was quick with some bitterness and bread. This beer was pretty good, although a little too light for my taste.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

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