Old Forge Overbite IPA

So far, I’ve painted two rooms in the house with the help of the lawyer. The kitchen, which was this awful pumpkin color is now blue and the lavender master bedroom is now a dark gray color. I absolutely hated the color of the bedroom and could not understand why anyone would have it that color. Val felt the same way with the kitchen. The next room to be painted is the dining room which is electric blue. Anyways, here’s another beer I picked up in Philly.


ABV: 7.5%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “An American IPA with big malt character giving perfect balance to the abundance of Pacific Northwest hops. Hopheads won’t be disappointed. This beer was released for our 1st Anniversary celebration at the pub, then quickly became a year round favorite (cans and draft) 7.5% alc by vol. and ~75 IBU’s Initial release: 12/5/2009”

Random: This brewery is based in Danville, PA.

This beer poured with a three finger, cream colored head into my IPA glass. It dissipated slowly and left a lot of lacing on it. The body was a clear, deep amber with huge amounts of carbonation visible. The nose had depth with pine bitterness, grapefruit, grass and caramel malt. The taste was not as intensely bitter as expected, but had pine and then a touch of malt to end the sip with sweetness. The body was thick and chewy with generous prickly carbonation. The finish was lengthy with pine and caramel malt. Despite the elevated ABV, there was no booze apparent on it. This was a nicely balanced IPA that I thoroughly enjoyed and would have again.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

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