Captain Lawrence Frozen Flowers

Posted: April 9, 2015 in Belgian Pale Ale, Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., Reviews

This was the beer that the other half ordered while we at Rocky Hill Inn. I was surprised that I had never heard of this beer before, but after seeing it was a pilot, draft only beer, I understood why. We ordered a beet salad to go with the beers and when the beets came out, they looked like they were rotting. Needless to say, we sent them back and got a new salad. Despite this, the beer paired really well with the salad. Anyways, let see how the beer was on its own.


ABV: 5.8%

Style: Belgian Pale Ale

Trivia: This beer is a draft-only pilot batch.

Random: I’m listening to Mets/Nationals game and I can’t believe they’re beating them 6-2.

This brew poured with a half a finger of white head that dissipated slowly and left some lacing on the glass. The body was a hazy yellow with light carbonation visible. The nose had notes of light Belgian yeast and lemon with lots of floral scents. They weren’t kidding about the flowers in this one, but they definitely did not smell frozen. The taste had a lot of lemon along with the floral notes that I got in the nose. Yeast and light spice were present. This beer was really bright and the flowers were bordering on a little bit too much. It had a thin body with high carbonation. The finish was long with yeast and with flowers. Despite the flowers bordering on overwhelming, I enjoyed this beer and I would have it again.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0


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