Kane Hop Lab – Imperial Red

Posted: May 27, 2015 in American Amber/Red Ale, Kane Brewing Company, Reviews

This was the second beer I had in South Jersey. For some reason, The Farm and the Fisherman always has Kane beers on tap. Not that I’m complaining since their stuff is always solid.


ABV: 9.2%

Style: American Amber/Red Ale

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “From our homebrew days, through to our earliest commercial batches and beyond we’ve had a certain affinity for hops. Our only 2 year round beers are an IPA and an Imperial IPA, and when a beer’s flavor is meant to be hop driven, we use them prodigiously throughout the brew process, up to many pounds of hops per barrel for some of our favorite recipes. Our Hop Lab series will allow us to continue to experiment – with new hops, new ways to use old favorites, or in different beer styles – on a commercial, albeit limited scale. This is not a ‘single hop’ series showcasing individual varietals, but rather a loosely defined outlet for our continuing experiments with our favorite ingredient.”

Random: I’ve never been a fan of this style. I don’t think it will ever be a favorite of mine.

This beer poured with a one finger, thick and creamy head. It dissipated slowly with lots of lacing left behind on the tulip glass. The body was a hazy, dark red color with moderate carbonation visible. The nose was very hoppy with nuttiness as well. I didn’t pick up much else. The taste was really rich and nutty. It was also very piney with grass as well. The alcohol on this did come through at the end of the sip, and was almost too aggressive for me. The body was overly thick with high carbonation. It had a lengthy finish with nuts and pine and grass from the hops. This was a good beer, but was just too thick for me to call it great. There are better examples of the style out there, but I’m glad I got to try this one-time release from Kane.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0


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