Downeast Cider House Unoriginal Blend

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Cider, Downeast Cider House, Reviews

I picked up this cider in Maine. Val has had a few from them and liked them. This was not one of them. I popped open the can and she took one sip and took the beer that I reviewed yesterday. I was stuck finishing it.


ABV: 5.5%

Style: Cider

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “After three years of ignoring all traditional forms of making hard cider, we gave in. We looked to those who had been making cider for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and learned from them. We ferment fresh-pressed juice with champagne yeast, filter for a clean flavor, and add a touch of honey. This departure TO the norm is a Downeast departure FROM the norm. Unoriginal is clear and crisp with very little residual sweetness.”

Random: Their can art is really nice. It’s simple, but attractive.

When I opened this can, it immediately exploded. Luckily, I didn’t lose too much of it. It initially had a quarter of a finger of white head, but it dissipated quickly and left no lacing. The body was a clear, green-yellow color. It had medium carbonation visible. The nose had notes of light apples, white grapes and yeast. The taste was very dry and almost bland. Apples were not the major flavor. It reminded me of a dry white wine spritzer. It had the same yeast characteristic and when I saw it utilized champagne yeast, it didn’t surprise me at all. The body was light with lots of carbonation. The finish was really quick and unremarkable. A single can of this ran me $2.74, which was $.23 per ounce. The cider was alright, but it just needed more flavor.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0


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