B. Nektar Sleeping Giant

Posted: March 12, 2016 in B. Nektar Meadery, Mead, Reviews

I’ve never seen this on the shelves before, and given that I like mead and I really like whiskey, I need to try this one.


ABV: 15.1%

Style: Mead

Trivia: According to beerpulse.com, “Once upon a time, there was a mead that just kept fermenting. At 19%, this is one of our strongest meads to date. This wildflower mead was aged in a rye whiskey barrel for a long, long time. Be careful not to awaken The Sleeping Giant.”

Random: I guess the original version was 19%…?

This mead poured a clear, lemon-yellow color. There was no carbonation visible as this was a still mead. The nose was filled with whiskey and straight booze. If I were blindfolded, I would think this was some sort of whiskey or rye, because I didn’t pick up any honey or sweetness. After I let the mead warm up, I got some molasses and brown sugar. The taste had more sweetness than the nose. It started with honey and green apples. It then went into oak, whiskey and significant rye spice. Light smoke and vanilla came through too. Then, there was a whole lot of booze and it had significant burn that lingered on the back of the throat. It was bordering on overwhelming for me, but for someone who didn’t like whiskey, this would be unpalatable. The body was thick and syrupy, as expected for a mead of this potency. The finish was lengthy with oak and rye spice. A bottle of this was not cheap at $23.99, which came to $1.89 per ounce. This mead really grew on me as it warmed. With that being said, I appreciate that a mead producer did something so different than the typical mead. I’m glad I tried it, but I’m not sure I’d want it more than once a year.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0

  1. cidersays says:

    This sounds really great!

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