Ballast Point Mango Even Keel

I find it interesting when a brewery takes one of their core beers and adds an adjunct. In this case, they took their session IPA, Even Keel, which I already reviewed and added some mango to it. They’ve done this with a number of their beers and I’ve heard some really negative reviews on them. I didn’t go into this one with the highest hopes.


ABV: 3.8%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Our Mango Even Keel is the ideal beer for easy drinking. This hoppy, session ale gets a flavor boost from mango, which perfectly plays off the citrusy hop bouquet. With fruit, hops, and a low ABV, this beer truly is on another level.”

Random: This comes in at 40 IBUs.

The beer poured with a two finger, light brown, almost orange head. It dissipated quickly and didn’t leave much lacing on the glass. The body was a clear, warm orange color with a lot of carbonation visible. I didn’t even have to put my face all that close to the glass to get the main note in the nose: artificial mango. It was like an overly sweet mango juice. After a few sniffs, there was some grapefruit too, but mango dominated everything subtle that may have been in this beer. The taste was equally abrasive with mango juice. I don’t think I’ve ever called a session IPA abrasive, but this one was. There were background notes of grapefruit and orange, but any malt that may have been in this beer was overtaken. The body was light with high carbonation. It had a sticky and long finish with mango. This was $1.83 a can, which came to $.15 per ounce. I disliked this beer so much that I wouldn’t take it if it was free. If you really, really like mango, maybe you’ll like it.

Untappd Rating: 1.5/5.0


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