Tonight’s selection was also a special at the gas station. I hadn’t tried terrible macro beers for awhile, so what better time than when I was stuck in Ohio in a hotel room? I thought that I would have some free time when I was in Ohio, but I basically left the site and then worked again from my hotel room. Anyways, let’s get to this.


ABV: 6%

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Beer

Trivia: There isn’t any information for the beer on the brewery website. That’s my favorite.

Random: When I was in high school, everyone went crazy over Tequiza. I never tried it, but in my head, this would be what it tasted like.

The beer poured with a half a finger of white head that dissipated quickly and left some lacing on the plastic cup. The body was clear and golden-yellow in color. There was a lot of carbonation visible too. On the nose, it had honey sweetness and tequila staves. There was a lot of grain as well. The taste wasn’t as bad as I thought. It had significant grain sweetness with a slight tequila bite that was artificial. It had a thin body with high carbonation. The finish was lengthy and sticky with tequila. A can of this was $3.75, which came to $.15 per ounce. I’m not going to be having this beer again, but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. It was still pretty bad and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but I guess there is a silver lining on this one.

Untappd Rating: 2.5/5.0

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