Aeronaut A Year With Dr. Nandu

I started watching this show “Stitchers” on the Freeform network. The show’s premise is that this one character can enter a dead person’s memory. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but I have issues giving up on shows when I’ve watched them from the beginning. It’s on season 3 and I don’t see it lasting much longer than that. Anyways, this is a beer that my parents brought me home. Let’s see how it was.

ABV: 6.3%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: The only thing about the beer on the website is that it is brimming with Centennial and Mosaic hops.

Random: I get most of my blogging done when Val is asleep on the weekends. I tend to get up earlier than her.

The beer poured with a huge, three finger, cream-colored head. It took forever to dissipate and left a significant amount of lacing on the glass. The body had a slight haze to it and it was amber in color. There was also moderate carbonation visible. The nose had some pine and grass and a decent amount of slightly toasted malt. The taste started with a slight alcohol burn, despite the low ABV. There was grass along with mango and grass clippings. The body was light and had just enough carbonation. The finish was quick with grass. This was another beer that I received as a gift, so I have no idea how much this beer was. This was just a middle of the road IPA for me that I wouldn’t rush back to have.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0

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