Left Hand Saison Aux Baies Ameres

Tonight’s selection is a beer from Left Hand that I originally tried at Savor. Let’s see how it was.

ABV: 6.8%

Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Seasonal, farmhouse-style ales that feature native Colorado ingredients. Dry and crisp farmhouse-style ale. Mild tartness with bitter Colorado chokecherries.”

Random: I had no idea of what a chokecherry was, so I looked it up on wikipedia: “Chokecherry is a suckering shrub or small tree growing to 4.9 m (16 ft 1 in) tall. The leaves are oval, 3.2–10.2 cm (1 1⁄4–4 1⁄32 in) long, with a coarsely serrated margin. The flowers are produced in racemes 38.1–76.2 cm (15–30 in) long in late spring (well after leaf emergence). The fruits are about 1 cm (3⁄8 in) in diameter, range in color from bright red to black, and possess a very astringent taste, being both somewhat sour and somewhat bitter. The very ripe ‘berries’ (actually drupes) are dark in color and less astringent and sweeter than when red and unripe.”

The beer poured with a quarter finger of white head. It went away quickly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a cloudy amber color with light carbonation visible. The nose started with a lot of yeast and flower petals. I picked up hibiscus and rose hips. There was a slight cherry note as well, along with some wheat. The taste was also very yeasty with flower petals. It was more hibiscus and cherries. There was also a wildflower honey quality to it. The body was way too thick with light carbonation. The finish was quick and yeasty. A pounder can was $2.50 ($.16 per ounce). This beer just needed more balance for me and I wish it had more cherry notes. I wouldn’t rush back to have this one.

Untappd Rating: 2.5/5.0

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