Bolero Snort Wrecking Bull

Today’s beer is another Jersey beer. I really need to start branching out from my state again. Let’s see how it was.

ABV: 8.2%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “After over a year and a half of recipe development, commercial production of our beers began in January 2013. As gypsy brewers, our beers are contracted at various host breweries throughout New Jersey. We are working hard to open the doors of our own production facility with a tap room for tours and tastings sometime this decade. Our team strives to create hand-crafted ales and lagers that are influenced by both traditional and emerging styles with our own bold spin. No BS…Just Ragin’ Good Beer!”

Random: It is pouring here. I’m so sick of rain.

The beer poured with a one finger, pure white head. It dissipated rapidly, but left some lacing on the glass. The body was a hazy orange with some carbonation that was visible. The nose started with some grapefruit pith and pine. It had a lot of old grass clippings as well. The taste was much of the same. It had a pine oil note up front that was quickly followed by grapefruit pith. The alcohol was definitely noticeable. The body was on the thick and slick side with decent carbonation. It had a sticky finish with pine oil. This beer was $3.87 a can, which came to $.24 per ounce. I liked this beer, but for me, it was just a middle of the road double IPA.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

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