10 Barrel Joe IPA

Tonight’s selection is from a brewery that was taken over by AB InBev. Some blogs that I follow will not consume any AB InBev products. Although I don’t support AB InBev taking over breweries, I can’t say that I’ll stop having them. I still want to try to have as many new beers as I can, and if these breweries are putting out decent liquid, I’ll have it. I have found though that I’m not really into AB InBev beers enough to revisit them. This beer is one that Val got me, so let’s see how it was.

ABV: 6.9%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: This is a year-round offering in bottles and on draft.

Random: There is a case at my favorite beer store with all of the AB InBev craft beers together.

The beer poured with a half a finger, relatively thick, white head. It went away quickly, but left significant lacing on the glass. The body was hazy and bright orange in color. There were a lot of floaties visible with low carbonation. The nose was filled with pine. It was like shoving my face in a pine tree. I couldn’t pick up anything else. The taste was much of the same. It had a lot of pine sap and pine needles. There was no balance to this beer or any malt. The body was on the heavier side and was very undercarbonated. The finish was sticky and lengthy with way too much pine. A bottle of this was $1.83 ($.15 per ounce). This beer was just an assault of hops, and not in a good way. I wouldn’t have this one again.

Untappd Rating: 2.5/5.0