Rekorderlig Premium Strawberry-Lime Cider

End of quarter is finally over! I got home last night and slept for 12 hours. I’m normally not a big fan of sleeping that much, but I definitely needed it. This morning, I did most of my chores and now I’m relaxing on the couch, updating the blog, which is seriously backlogged. So, let’s get cracking. This was a cider that we picked up at Half Time for Val.


ABV: 4.5%

Style: Cider

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Made from the purest Swedish spring water, Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime Cider was the first to explore this unique flavour combination. Serve over ice with mint leaves or strawberries and a wedge of lime for a fresh, zesty experience.”

Random: I saw that a bunch of bloggers got this cider for free to review. I was not one of those lucky bloggers, but it got decent reviews from them.

This cider poured with no head on top of a clear, pink body with lots of carbonation visible. There was no lacing left on the glass. The nose was very fruity with artificial strawberry notes and a hint of lime. The taste had notes of cherry soda with a ginger bite at the end of the sip. I didn’t get any bit of lime and the strawberry notes were very artificial. There weren’t many notes of apple, but there was a slight, sweet apple note at the end. It had a medium thick body with a lot of prickly carbonation. The finish was long and sickeningly sweet with strawberry and cherry notes. To me, $5.89 for a bottle of this was insanely expensive for what to me tasted like alcoholic strawberry soda. I wouldn’t have this again.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0