Best Commercial Beers 2010 and other musings

A list was released today by Zymurgy listing the best commercial beers of the year. The list can be found here.

After reviewing the list, I have not had many (read: almost any of these beers). I think I have a new goal for the year…try these beers before the end of the year (or as many as I can find). Hmm…I sense a challenge a-brewing.

In other news, a bottle of Victory Helios exploded. No joke. Last time I was at the beer store with the other half, she picked out one bottle of beer. So, the bottle of beer that had to explode had to be hers. When I heard, I assumed that the cap popped off and beer was everywhere. I was very wrong. The bottle literally exploded with glass everywhere and dented the wall. I had never heard of this before.

I did some research and came up with this. “Occasionally, micro brewers and sometimes even larger brewers experience problems with exploding beer bottles. Many things can cause exploding bottles including the integrity of the glass bottle and secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle. To date, the cause of these recent incidents has not been determined. Non-pasteurized beers, often produced by micro brewers, are more susceptible to secondary or wild fermentation, which can be accelerated by exposure to heat and light. It’s probably not a coincidence that these incidents occurred in the summer months .”

Now, it was warm in my apartment, but not hot. Either way, I emailed Victory to let them know. I was surprised they took it so seriously. They wanted the name and location of where I bought the beer, so they could contact them. They’re also sending me a pint glass and a tee shirt. So, all-in-all, a bad situation turned into a good one. I just hope that I stop finding glass with my bare feet.