Bottle Logic Cantrip Kolsch

While we were out in Anaheim (months ago), we managed to catch a Ducks game. I really enjoyed the arena and I always liked the team, having grown up with the Disney movie. Let’s discuss a beer that hails from Anaheim.

ABV: 4%

Style: Kolsch

Trivia: According to, “Anaheim is a city in Orange County, California, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city had a population of 336,265, making it the most populous city in Orange County and the 10th-most populous city in California. Anaheim is the second-largest city in Orange County in terms of land area, and is known for being the home of the Disneyland Resort, the Anaheim Convention Center, and two major sports teams: the Anaheim Ducks ice hockey club and the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Anaheim was founded by fifty German families in 1857 and incorporated as the second city in Los Angeles County on March 18, 1876; Orange County was split off from Los Angeles County in 1889. Anaheim remained largely an agricultural community until Disneyland opened in 1955. This led to the construction of several hotels and motels around the area, and residential districts in Anaheim soon followed. The city also developed into an industrial center, producing electronics, aircraft parts and canned fruit. Anaheim is a charter city.”

Random: I liked Anaheim a lot more than I thought I was going to. I went to Disneyland as a kid and don’t remember liking it as much as I did as an adult.

Since this was another beer that I had poolside, I have no comments about the appearance or the head. But, I did get a pleasant odor of grains and some mineral water. The taste was had some cracker to it, along with some floral notes. There was a touch of grass as well. The body was light with a decent amount of carbonation. The finish was quick with flowers and cracker. This beer went down easily, but not the best of the style I’ve had.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Bottle Logic Stealth Mode

Tonight’s beer is one that I enjoyed during a vacation in California. We went to Disneyland and I realized that Bottle Logic is in Anaheim, so we took a drive over. The bartender said that this was one of his favorite beers, so I had to give it a try.

ABV: 5%

Style: Berliner Weissbier

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “While California has no shortage of quality craft beer, we feel that Bottle Logic is something special. Our commitment to excellence combined with a willingness to break and rewrite the rules makes us different. We aren’t experimenting randomly; each experimental beer provides new insight on flavor combinations and techniques that are as of yet unexplored. Our customers will join us on this experimental journey in one of Southern California’s finest tasting rooms where new beers will be available each week for tasting enjoyment. ”

Random: I enjoyed hanging out at the pool in Santa Barbara. It was quite relaxing.

Since I was sitting by the pool enjoying this, I did not have the chance to pour it. But, it did have a really pleasing berry aroma with blueberry, raspberry and some white vinegar as well. The taste had some generous tartness to it with a lot of berries. Blueberries were pronounced, but I could pick out blackberry as well. The body was on the lighter side with lots of carbonation present. It had a lengthy finish with fresh berries. This beer was exceptional and was perfect to pair with a day at the pool. I highly recommend this one.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0