Ommegang Rosetta

Val actually picked out this beer and didn’t hate it. Given the style, I thought she wouldn’t be into it at all. Let’s see how it was.


ABV: 5.6%

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Family is always there for you. Ommegang Brewmaster Phil Leinhart’s desire to create a soured fruit beer wasn’t a possibility at his brewery in Cooperstown. The climate and current infrastructure don’t permit it. Fortunately for him, Belgian sister-brewery Liefmans not only has the capability to make such a beer, they have been definitive standard-bearers for over three hundred years. Several phone calls, e-mails and most enjoyably – taste testings – later, Rosetta was born and ready to hit America. Leinhart’s recipe calls for a perfectly balanced blend of old (aged on cherries at least three years) and young Flemish brown ale (or oud bruin) with a lively and fruity kriek, or cherry beer. The result is a complex yet refreshing mahogany-brown brew that is an intriguing interplay of tartness and sweetness. Its elegance and depth would make Madame Rosa Merckx proud – Liefmans’ former Brewmaster and the first Belgian woman with that title in whose honor the beer is named. ‘I wanted a sour fruit beer that invites you to have another,’ said Leinhart, Ommegang’s Brewmaster since 2008. ‘So many of the ones I find today are either so tart or so fruity, that I think beer lovers struggle to have more than one. Balance and the right blend was the key for me, and I really believe we hit the sweet spot, so to speak. I am looking forward to hearing back from drinkers on what they think and if the response is favorable, consider bringing this beer in draft next year as well.’ Rosetta is a moderate 5.6% ABV and its tart/sweet flavor pairs perfectly with light fare such as salad, chicken liver pâté or a pork terrine, soft cheeses such as Brie or Camembert, or a smooth chocolate mousse. Rosetta is available 11.2 oz four-packs at the suggested retail price of $10.99 each. Arriving to stores now, Rosetta is available throughout Ommegang’s 43-state USA footprint.”

Random: I’ve been listening to a lot of history podcasts lately since I’m out of beer podcasts.

The beer poured with a quarter of cream-colored head that dissipated slowly and left some lacing on the glass. There was also a small crown left on top of the dark brown body. I didn’t see any carbonation because of the color. The nose had dark cherries and cherry cough syrup. The taste had tart and sweet cherries come through. It also had a cherry wine note to it. There wasn’t anything in the way of hops, but a touch of malt. The body was on the heavier side with moderate carbonation. It had a lengthy finish with cherry pie. A bottle of this was $2.58, which came to $.22 per ounce. I wasn’t a big fan of this beer. It was a bit one-dimensional to me. I wouldn’t rush back to this one.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0

New Belgium Lips of Faith – La Folie (2014)

This was another beer that I picked up from Delaware. I think I’m finally getting to the end of that stash. This is a beer that I’ve heard a lot about, but since it’s not distributed in Jersey, haven’t gotten my hands on it. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.


ABV: 7%

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “La Folie, French for ‘the folly’, is a beer steeped in New Belgium brewing tradition. This wood-aged, sour brown spends one to three years in big, oak barrels, known as foeders. And when the beer finally hits the glass, La Folie is sharp and sour, full of green apple, cherry, and plum-skin notes. Pouring a deep mahogany, the mouthfeel will get you puckering while the smooth finish will get you smiling. Not a beer for the timid, La Folie is a sour delight that will turn your tongue on its head.”

Random: The Eagles won yesterday, but Foles supposedly has a broken collarbone. This is not a good thing.

This beer poured with a half a finger of cream-colored head that dissipated quickly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a cloudy dark brown with heavy carbonation visible. The nose was very oaky with lots of lactobacillus. The taste was definitely tart with vanilla and oak along with lacto. It had some red wine notes as well with cherry. The body was on the thicker side with high carbonation. It had a long finish with toasted wood and vanilla. I really enjoyed this beer. It had the wood to balance out the sourness of the style. I would definitely have this one again.

Untappd Rating: 4.5/5.0

Goose Island Madame Rose

The more I get into beer, the more that I enjoy sours. When I first had them, they were a bit overwhelming. But, now that I’ve had a bunch, I really look forward to having them. Here was one that I picked up for the other half (before I figured out that she really does not like sours). Let’s see how it was.


ABV: 7.1%

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Madame Rose is a crimson colored Belgian style brown ale fermented with wild yeast and aged on cherries in wine barrels. Layers of malty complexity, sour cherry, spice and wood notes make Madame Rose an ideal beer to suggest to Bordeaux enthusiasts and beer drinkers fond of Belgian Kriek and Flanders Brown Ales.”

Random: The meow is dressed up in his unicorn costume. He is not pleased.

This beer poured with a one finger, tan head that dissipated slowly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a hazy, dark and murky copper color with moderate carbonation visible. The nose was really sour cherries, oak and vanilla. The taste was quite intense. It was very sour cherries and raspberries that transitioned into tobacco, vanilla and leather. Oak was there at well and came out at the end of the sip. There was some funk to this as well with mustiness and earthy yeast. Red wine vinegar was there as well. The body was on the thinner side with lots of prickly carbonation. The finish was long with a lot of intense tart noses with berries and vanilla. This was a really enjoyable beer if you like tart beers with lots of depth.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0

The Bruery Marron Acidifie

Sometimes you just get a craving. It may be for brownies, or chocolate or bacon. But, sometimes I get a craving for a sour beer. When I haven’t had a sour beer in awhile, I get this craving and since I haven’t had one lately, I went into the cellar for one.

ABV: 8.5%

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “For our first collaboration beer we are lucky to partner with Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa, Florida. Geographically a country apart but following similar paths, we felt an immediate connection with Joey, Wayne and the crew. We’re both young breweries, founded and staffed by homebrewers, who use interesting ingredients and techniques to make unique, full-flavored beers. A recipe was created over pints at Falling Rock Tap House during GABF 2009 and Wayne came out to help brew it shortly after. Over a year in barrels has left this dark sour layered with notes of cranberries, tropical fruits, leather and aged balsamic vinegar, balanced by wood tannins and roasted malt. Raise a glass and toast to the success of fledlging breweries across this great nation!”

Random: As you could read from above, this was a one-off collaboration beer with Cigar City, but brewed at The Bruery.

This poured with a two finger, white head that dissipated quickly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a cloudy, dark brown color with heavy carbonation visible throughout. The nose was very fragrant. I got pineapple, tart cherries and balsamic vinegar with a touch of oak. The taste was very similar to the nose. I got tart cherries with light oak, then some cranberry and raspberry as well. The booze was very hidden on this brew. I really enjoyed this beer. The body was thin with moderate carbonation. The finish was long with tart cherries. I absolutely loved this brew. The flavors were spot on and I wish this wasn’t just a one off.

Untappd Rating: 5.0/5.0

Liefmans Goudenband

This was the second beer that I had at Brickwall. It was funny because when I ordered it, they asked if I wanted a taste of it. I told him I didn’t, but when I thought about it, it was pretty nice of him. Most people, even if they like craft beer, might find this style a bit intimidating and not like it and then be pissed about paying the $8 for a glass. But, he doesn’t know who he’s messing with…

ABV: 8%

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin

Trivia: This beer pairs well with goat cheese, according to the brewer. I wish I had some to go with it.

Random: The Giants look totally solid tonight. At least my sister will be happy.

This one poured with half a finger of white head that dissipated quickly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a dark brown color. I couldn’t see any carbonation due to the darkness of the bar. The nose had some wood to it with some red wine, vinegar and grapes…really nice. The taste had a bit of cherries, grapes and oak. It wasn’t as tart as I expected, but the sweetness of the cherries played well off of it. The wood also was a nice added touch. The body was on the thinner side with light carbonation. The finish was long and fruity. But, I couldn’t find any of the 8% ABV on this one. Although this was pretty good, I expected a little more from this beer overall. It’s worth a shot, but it’s not going to floor you.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0

Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Red Ale

This was the second beer that I had at Monk’s. I mean, how could I go there and not have the house brew? Although, I will say, it was hard not to pick something else, just because of the huge selection that they had. I’ve also never had a Flanders Oud Bruin for some reason, so why not start with this one?

ABV: 5.5%

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin

Trivia: According to wikipedia, “Oud Bruin, also known as Flanders Brown, is a style of beer originating from the Flemish region of Belgium. The name literally translates as ‘old brown,’ referring to the long aging process which can take up to a year. It undergoes a secondary fermentation, which takes several weeks to a month, and is followed by bottle aging for several more months. The extended aging allows residual yeast and bacteria to develop a sour flavor characteristic for this style. While some examples of an Oud Bruin may be aged in oak, typical beers in this style are not, and this is what helps Flanders Brown ales distinguish themselves from the more sour Flanders Red ales.”

Random: My only complaint about Monk’s was how dark it was. I was nearly blinded when I walked back out in the sunlight.

This brew poured with a one finger, off-white head that left some lacing on the glass.The body was a cloudy, dark-reddish, almost brown color. There was no visible carbonation on the brew due to color. On the nose, I got a decent amount of tart cherries, which were really pleasant. On the taste, first of all, wow. There was lots of complexity to this brew. The taste started with tart cherries and then came with a lot of malty sweetness. The body is thinner than expected and low carbonation. There was no detectable alcohol in the beer. The finish was quick with a hint of sourness, but the beer wasn’t overwhelmingly sour. I was really impressed by this beer. It was complex and incredibly drinkable. I would definitely have this one again.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0