Four String Brass Knuckle

The beer was another one that I picked up at the gas station. One of the things that I had to get used to in Ohio was pumping my own gas. The first time I went to fill up, I sat in my car for a good five minutes waiting for someone to come. I finally figured out that I needed to do it myself, which I ended up preferring to having someone pump it for me.


ABV: 5.75%

Style: American Pale Ale

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “A hard-rocking pale ale that smacks the lips with tasty bitter hops and citrusy grapefruit shots to the nose. It finishes crisp and dry, sustaining like a windmill power chord. All of a sudden it hits you…this is the one.”

Random: Everyone there also called me “ma’am,” which made me feel old.

This beer poured with a thick, pure white head that dissipated slowly. It left some lacing on my plastic cup. The body was a clear, bright orange color with some haziness and moderate carbonation visible as well. The nose was filled with pine needles and a touch of metal. Orange pith was there was well and transitioned into biscuit malt. The taste had a bit more depth. I picked up some orange pith along with green melon. It also had pine needles, but quickly went into sweet malt that took away from the beer. The body was medium thickness with moderate carbonation. It had a lengthy and sweet finish with caramel malt. A can of this was $1.67, which came to $.14 per ounce. This beer was drinkable, but it needed to find some balance between the hops and the malt.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0