Kurant Spice

In doing my research for this cider, I found out that they now have a tasting room in Fishtown (which is in Philly). I need to make my way over there.

ABV: 5.8%

Style: Cider

Trivia: According to the cidery website, “Hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice blend perfectly reminding you of your favorite cold weather treats. A touch of brown sugar in the finish adds just a tiny bit of sweetness for balance with notes of molasses and raisons. We let the apples shine as the highlight of Spice by keeping the seasonal additions light but noticeable and not overpowering. Spice is available through the end of the winter season. Available in 12oz cans in cases or 4 packs at local retailers.”

Random: This is now available in cans.

The cider poured with a half a finger of white head that instantly dissipated by the time I went to take the picture. The body was clear and straw-yellow in color. There was moderate carbonation visible. The nose was filled with a lot of spice. I picked up a lot of clove, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. There was some brown sugar sweetness as well. The taste started with some red apple sweetness. It quickly transitioned into cinnamon and allspice. Nutmeg and ginger came through next with brown sugar. Molasses came through with a touch of vanilla as well. The body was on the lighter side with a lot of carbonation. It had a lengthy and spicy finish with apples. I picked this beer up from a brewery in Lansdale awhile back, so no commentary about how much it cost. Despite that, I thought it was a nice cider that would pair well with any food at Thanksgiving.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0