Riestra Sidra Natural

I brought this cider to my sister’s house for a family gathering. Since they are all into wine, I thought they would enjoy this more than a big Imperial Stout or the like. It ended up that they really enjoyed it and the bottle went very quickly. We had it while we had a cheese plate and it went perfectly and was worthy of a formal review.


ABV: 6%

Style: Cider

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Typical Astruian cider. Starting from autochthonous apples picked in selected apple orchards for their best agronomic conditions. We elaborate this natural cider using the traditional ways and methods.”

Random: Since there was food everywhere, it was hard to find a place to get a decent picture of it, thus the background in the photo.

This cider poured with absolutely no head. The body was a bright orange and quite cloudy, with detritus floating throughout. The nose had a lot of Granny Smith apples upfront and transitioned into a barnyard scent with yeast and then some white wine character came through. The taste started with some biting tartness from the apples and went into the same vinous qualities as the nose. There was white wine grape along with a pinch of vanilla. Apple skins came through next with the lightest amount of apple flesh sweetness. There was also a certain floral characteristic that I couldn’t place, but gave it a bit more depth. The body was light and there wasn’t any carbonation as this is a still cider. It had a quick finish with tart apples. A bottle of this was $18, which came to $.82 per ounce. Given that it’s imported from Spain, I’m not surprised that it is on the pricier side. I enjoyed this one and it paired well with mild cheese. I would have this one again.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0