Meantime India Pale Ale

This was another beer that Kate picked out. I’ve heard great things about Meantime brews, but I haven’t tried any of them. When Kate brought one home, I was seriously excited. Let’s see how this one went…

ABV: 7.5%

Style: English India Pale Ale

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “India Pale Ale is the beer that sustained the British Raj – it did not just survive the passage to India, it matured to perfection on the long voyage. Original IPA was heavily hopped – up to twice as much as domestic beers – and so Meantime use plenty of Kent Fuggles and Goldings to help re-create the flavours of the world’s first great pale beer style.”

Random: I seriously have to catch up on my fall shows. I haven’t watched any of them for a month or so.

This one poured with a thick, tan head that took awhile to dissipated and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a cloudy dark orange color with moderate carbonation visible throughout. The nose was fruity and tropical. I got notes of pineapple and mango, which were odd for an English IPA. After a few sniffs, some mandarin orange also came out. Overall, this was a really pleasant nose. The taste was a lot of tropical fruit, specifically pineapple was the standout. I also got some orange and lemon, but not a lot of grapefruit. This was really different from the typical English IPA. It wasn’t crazy hoppy, but presented lots of citrus. The body was on the lighter side with lighter than expected carbonation. The finish was relatively quick and citrusy. I would definitely have this one again…it was really enjoyable.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0