Boatswain H.L.V. Ale (Heavy Lift Vessel)

So, we picked up a few more beers from Trader Joe’s. As I’ve mentioned before, we pretty much only go to TJ’s and order from Fresh Direct for groceries. Having Fresh Direct is possibly the most convenient thing ever. The other half and I work insanely long hours, so having groceries delivered is pretty much amazing. On the rare occasion that we need something and can’t order in time, TJ’s is our go to. So, last time the other half was there, she picked this one up for me. Let’s see how I liked it.


ABV: 7%

Style: American Strong Ale

Trivia: According to, “A heavy lift ship is a vessel designed to move very large loads that cannot be handled by normally equipped ships. They are of two types: semi-submerging vessels capable of lifting another ship out of the water and transporting it; and vessels that augment unloading facilities at inadequately equipped ports.”

Random: I hate the fact that the Phils game is blacked out on despite the fact that we don’t get it on FIOS. I see a switch to Comcast in the very near future.

This brew poured with a two finger head that was tan in color. It dissipated very slowly and left lots of lacing on the glass. There was no carbonation visible due to the color of the beer. The body was a very dark mahogany color. On the nose, I got all malt and some booze. There was also a touch of nuttiness without much else. The taste was only alright. I got some booze and cloying caramel malt with significant nuttiness, specifically hazelnuts. The body was thick with high carbonation. It had a long finish with booze and caramel. I could see where this beer was really trying to succeed, but it was only alright. I wouldn’t have this one again.

Untappd Rating: 2.5/5.0