Victory Rye Score 2.0

Tonight’s beer is one that I had awhile back at the Victory brewpub in Kennett Square. Let’s see how it was.

ABV: 7%

Style: Roggenbier

Trivia: According to, “Until the 15th century, it was common in Germany, particularly in Bavaria, to use rye malt for brewing beer. However, after a period of bad harvests, it was ruled that rye would be used only for baking bread, thus only barley was to be used for beer; see the German law known as the Reinheitsgebot. Roggenbier disappeared for almost five hundred years. In the late 1980s the Spezialbrauerei Schierling near Regensburg created the first modern Roggenbier, Schierlinger Roggen, using a modified, patented mashing regime to cope with the effects of the highly viscous rye wort. The modern version of Roggenbier is typically about 5% ABV and is fairly dark in colour. The flavour is grainy, often having a hearty flavour similar to pumpernickel bread. Typically, at least 50 percent of the malts used to make the beer are made from rye. To date very few German breweries produce Roggenbier.”

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The beer poured with a two finger, cream-colored head. It dissipated rather quickly and left some lacing on the glass. The body was mildly hazy and a mahogany color. The nose had some brown bread to it and a touch of honey sweetness. The taste was much of the same with brown bread and some sweetness. The alcohol made a quick appearance, which detracted from the other flavors. The body was on the heavier side with light carbonation. It had a quick finish with grain. I thought this beer was alright, but I wouldn’t rush back to have it again.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Weyerbacher Uniform

This was the second beer that I had at Twin Light. When I asked how it was, the owner said that this was more like a wheat IPA, which seems to be all the rage lately. But, I haven’t really found one that marries the two styles perfectly. Hopefully I’m surprised by this one.

ABV: 7%

Style: Roggenbier

Trivia: According to the German Beer Institute, “Roggenbier is a medieval ale usually made from a grain bill of about half barley malt and equal portions of wheat and rye malts. Today, a Roggenbier may be either an ale or a lager. Modern renditions of the brew have about 5 to 5.5% alcohol by volume. Rye ales are mildly hopped, which allows the grain flavors to be dominant. Filtration appears to be optional in a rye ale and many, such as the Paulaner (depicted right) are ‘naturtrüb,’ meaning naturally turbid. A yeast-turbid Roggenbier is more authentic, considering that the style had been around long before beer filtration was invented in 1878.”

Random: This brewery is on the list of ones that I need to visit.

This poured with a slightly off white head that was pretty thick. It dissipated at a moderate pace and left lots of lacing on the glass. The body was a slightly hazy yellow color with some visible carbonation. The nose definitely smelled like a wheat beer with clove and banana. It also had a decent dose of citrus. The taste was definitely a hybrid of a wheat beer and an IPA. It started with citrus and clove flavors, then goes into some grapefruity hops and then the banana came out. This was a really bright beer. I didn’t get any rye on this though. It also had a medium body and pleasant carbonation. Definitely an easy drinker and crisp. The finish lasted with notes of citrus and banana. I really enjoyed this beer. I would definitely have this again.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0