Rogue Dead ‘N’ Dead

Happy Thanksgiving! Val is still asleep, so I’m updating the blog while catching up on SVU. I have to work tomorrow, which isn’t fun, but I guess this is part of adulting. I’ve also been watching the news and it looks like this wind isn’t going to help the parade. One of my friends usually goes to the parade every year, but between the wind and the cold, she’s staying home. Anyways, let’s get to the beer.

ABV: 8.2%

Style: Maibock/Helles Bock

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Aged in Dead Guy Whiskey Barrels, Dead N’ Dead is the evolution of Dead Guy Ale. The barrels enhance the robust malt and hop profiles of original Dead Guy Ale. The ale soaks in hints of oak and whiskey while maturing over several months at the Rogue ocean aging room.”

Random: I’ve had Dead Guy whiskey once or twice and enjoyed it.

The beer poured with three fingers of cream-colored head. It dissipated slowly and left a lot of lacing on the glass. The body was clear and copper-colored. There was a lot of carbonation visible. The nose had notes of bourbon, leather and vanilla. The taste was much of the same. It had some nutty malt and quickly went into the same notes of bourbon and vanilla. The body was on the thicker side with a lot of carbonation. It had a lengthy finish with vanilla. I enjoyed this beer a lot. It was an interesting take on Dead Guy and I would definitely have this one again.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0

Rogue Paradise Pucker

There’s a local place in town that has really good food and a decent beer list that changes up with relative frequency. We go there a lot, but it’s just generally sad-looking inside. I wish they would give the place a good renovation given the amount of dust in the place. This was the beer that I chose one of the last times that I was there.

ABV: 6%

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Beer

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Paradise Pucker is inspired by the classic Hawaiian juice, infused with passion fruit, orange peels, and guava to create a delightful and refreshing sour ale. 11 INGREDIENTS: Passion Fruit, Orange Peel, & Pink Guava; Rogue Farms McKercher Wheat; Pilsner and Acidulated Malts; Rogue Farms Liberty Hops; Amarillo Hops; Yogurt; Kolsch Yeast and Free Range Coastal Water.”

Random: They recommend pairing this beer with spicy pork.

The beer poured with a quarter finger of white head that dissipated quickly. It left some lacing on the glass. The body was hazy and yellow with moderate carbonation. The nose was tart with some unripe
pineapple. It also had some guava and passion fruit on the nose as well. The taste was incredibly acidic. It had lemon peel, unripe mango and orange and then transitioned into guava and kumquat. The body was light with a lot of carbonation. It had a long, sour finish. I thought this beer was interesting, but it would be difficult to drink more than one. I could see how this could be a great pairing with spicy food.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0

Rogue Farms 6 Hop IPA

I’m not the biggest fan of Rogue beers, but I do like that they’re expanding into growing even more of their own hops. I’ve had a few of the Rogue Farms beers and although they’re not mind blowing, I think overall, they’re pretty solid. Let’s crack this one open.


ABV: 6.6%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “This IPA features a big, beautiful bite. 15 INGREDIENTS: Rogue Farms Dare™, Risk™, Roasted & Unroasted McKercher Wheat, Roasted Dream Rye, Maier Munich & Dare™ R-1 Malts; Rogue Farms Liberty, Revolution, Independent, Freedom, Yaquina & Alluvial Hops; Pacman Yeast & Free-Range Coastal Water. Made with 6 of the 8 Hops grown at Rogue Farms.”

Random: I want to try to grow my own hops, although it’s been years since I’ve homebrewed.

This beer poured with a three finger, fluffy, off white head. It took a long time to dissipate and left a generous amount of lacing on the glass. The body was hazy and orange in color with moderate carbonation. The nose was more mild than I expected. It had grass clippings, dandelion greens and a floral note too. The taste was light and reminded me more of a pale ale than a true IPA. It had the same grass clippings and had tangerines as well. It quickly transitioned into a spicy bread note. The body was light with a lot of carbonation. It had a quick finish with grass clippings and bread. I picked this up for $2.25 a can, which came to $.19 per ounce. I enjoyed this beer, I just wish it had more depth.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Rogue Fruit Salad Cider

Rogue is really branching out these days. A few years ago, I remember them putting out some whiskey and now they’ve expanded to ciders. After investigating their website for a couple of minutes, it looks like this is the only cider that is currently available, but knowing Rogue, they will be putting out more in upcoming months.


ABV: 6.4%

Style: Cider

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Rich purple in color, this dry cider has a bright berry nose which is followed by a tart and juicy fruit flavor. A touch of sweetness makes this tangy cider supple and refreshing.”

Random: I like Rogue’s graphic design and this bottle is no exception.

This cider poured with absolutely no head on top of a murky, purple colored body. Despite the cloudiness, there was light carbonation visible. The nose was very fruity, as expected. I picked up a lot of floral and berry notes. The taste had intense tartness. Up front, I got cranberry and sour cherries. After a few sips, I picked up some blueberry and strawberry notes too. But, since the tartness was so intense, it all but overwhelmed these flavors. It had a medium thick body with light carbonation. The finish was lengthy with tartness and lots of berries. This was $9.99 for the bomber ($.45 per ounce). This wasn’t a bad cider (although Val wasn’t a big fan of it), and was definitely unique, but I would have preferred if the tartness was toned down just a bit to let the other flavors shine.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Rogue Farms Marionberry Braggot

This was a beer that the other half picked up to try. Little did she know that it was one of the few beers styles that I’ve never reviewed before. I’ve been searching for a beer of the style for years, but not many breweries put out a braggot. Leave it to Rogue. Anyways, after she tried it (and didn’t like it at all), I tried a glass of it to see what I thought of it and of the style.


ABV: 11.42%

Style: Braggot

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Marionberry Braggot combines Rogue Farms Marionberries, which we grow and hand-pick ourselves, with our Hopyard Honey, collected from 119 colonies of Rogue Farms honeybees who feed off wildflower nectar around the farm. It’s a true taste of the terroir of the Wigrich Appellation.”

Random: I would definitely be interested to try more beers of this style to see if this beer was a good representation of it.

This brew poured with a half a finger of tan head that dissipated quickly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a very dark brown, bordering on black. It had moderate carbonation visible. The nose had a lot of burnt brown sugar, caramel malt and a touch of berry, but it wasn’t sweet. It just provided a touch of brightness. The taste was very similar to the nose. There were some pine needles and caramel malt with molasses and some toffee. There was also some booze present as well. The body was thick with moderate carbonation. It had a long finish with pine needles and brown sugar. This was only an alright beer and nothing I would rush back to have again.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Rogue Nation Brutal India Pale Ale

The meow has not been very good lately. He’s been waking us around 2:30 or 3 AM to be fed. I don’t know if he’s just randomly waking up at that time or he hears something, but it’s really, really annoying. He stands above one of our heads and then bats us in the head with his paw or chews our hair to wake us up. I’m hoping tomorrow he sleeps in until at least 6 AM because these early morning wakeups are brutal (get it?)…


ABV: 5.8%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: According to, “Dedicated to Justin Fisch, the Shade Man, and the official beer of the Rogue Nation. Brutal combines Oregon hops with English Malts. The Oregon grown Crystal hop is a triploid variety developed from the German Hallertau aroma hop variety with contributions from Cascade, Brewers Gold, and Early Green. Crystal is the only hop used in brewing Brutal and it provides a massive amount of aroma without dry-hopping.”

Random: I’m having a craving for pesto sauce. These cooking shows definitely make me hungry.

This brew poured with a three finger, very thick, cream-colored head that dissipated slowly. It left lots of lacing on my IPA glass. The body was a clear, bright orange color with lots of carbonation visible throughout. The nose had grapefruit, lemon pith and some peach as well. The taste had more notes of grapefruit along with grapefruit pith and a touch of minerals. Some light pine notes and grass was present too. The body was on the light side with heavy carbonation that really made this beer crisp. The finish was moderately long with pine and grapefruit. This brew didn’t pull any punches, but it was definitely solid. I would have it again.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Pretzel, Raspberry and Chocolate Ale

I’m always interested to try beers that have different flavors. This beer definitely qualifies as having different flavors. I haven’t heard much about this one, but almost two years ago, I had the first Voodoo Doughnut beer from Rogue, the Maple Bacon Ale. Let’s see how this one is.


ABV: 5.4%

Style: American Brown Ale

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “They say the third time’s a charm, and this time the collision of crazies created a Pretzel, Raspberry & Chocolate ale inspired by Voodoo Doughnut’s Voodoo Doll doughnut. The Voodoo people say the magic is in the hole. We think it’s also in the bottle.”

Random: I made breakfast tacos today that were really yummy. I may have to make them again next week for brunch.

This brew poured with a dark, cream-colored head that was two fingers high. It dissipated slowly, but left little lacing on the glass. The body was a dark brown color with moderate carbonation visible. The nose had some lightly roasted malts, milk chocolate and salt. After I almost stuck my face in the glass, I got a little bit of sweet fruit, but nothing that I could pick out as raspberry. The taste started like a brown ale, with some nuttiness and toasted malts. Milk chocolate came out next with bready yeast and pretzel notes. Salt was there as well. The raspberry aspect came out after it warmed for a bit and was very sweet, almost like a jelly filling. The body was on the thicker side and had moderate carbonation. The finish was long with milk chocolate and salt. Although this was definitely a novelty beer, it was relatively well executed and worth a try.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Rogue Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA

Yesterday was Father’s Day, so this was definitely an appropriate beer to review. I made dinner for Father’s Day and was in front of the grill for about 2 hours. It was insanely hot and I managed to get a small piece of hot charcoal on my foot and burn it. The other half was nice enough to put cream on it last night. Anyways, let’s see how this beer was.


ABV: 6.2%

Style: American Black Ale

Trivia: This brew has 10 ingredients and pairs well with beef and pork.

Random: I do miss barbecuing since we can’t have a grill here. Once we move, I’m definitely getting a grill for the house.

This brew poured with a thick and creamy tan head on top of a dark brown, almost black body. There was a decent amount of carbonation still visible, despite the dark color. The head dissipated rather slowly and left lots of spider web lacing on the glass. The nose was sweeter than I expected for the style. There was caramel along with the usual notes of roasted malts and chocolate. There wasn’t a lot of smoke or coffee that I’ve come to expect from the style. The taste was definitely more sharp and had a marked bitterness. There was chocolate and roasted malts present along with smoke, but the pine hops stayed around the longest. The body was on the thicker side with plentiful carbonation. It had a long finish with hop bitterness and smoke. This was a decent brew and not a bad example of the style. I’ve definitely had better, but this would be a good introductory beer to the style.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0

Rogue Farms Chipotle Ale

The lawyer picked this beer up for me. I’ve had the original version (Rogue Chipotle Ale), but it looks like they’ve rebranded this beer under the Rogue Farms name. Supposedly they use peppers from their garden to make this brew. I don’t think it will change the flavor all that much, but I guess we’ll see, right?


ABV: 5.5%

Style: Chile Beer

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Dedicated to Spanish author Juan de la Cueva, who, in 1575, wrote of a Mexican dish that combined seedless chipotles with beer: Chipotle Ale is based on Rogue’s American Amber Ale, but delicately spiced with smoked chipotle chile peppers. Blend it with Rogue Chocolate Stout to create a Mole black and tan!”

Random: I can’t wait until the other half and I get a house so I can start a vegetable garden.

This brew poured with a two finger, slightly tan colored head that dissipated quickly with some lacing on the glass. The body was an ever so slightly hazy mahogany color with lower than expected visible carbonation. The nose was much lighter than the other version I had of it. There was some jalapenos and a bit of tomato with a touch of smoke. The taste started with smoke and then went into a bit of chipotle with a little kick of heat on the end of sip that got me right in the back of the throat. At the end of the sip, there was also a touch of bitterness that came out as well. The body was on the thinner side with moderate to high carbonation. The finish was long with bitterness and smoke. The other version that I’ve had of this beer was the first chile beer that I quaffed. I can’t say that I see all that much different now that this is a “Rogue Farms” beer with peppers grown in their garden, but it’s still really drinkable and I could see it pairing well with food. This would definitely be a good introductory chile beer for the beer drinker looking to expand their horizons.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Rogue MoM Hefeweizen With Rose Petals

I’m still tired. I’m on my third cup of coffee and I’m still exhausted. The fact that it was cloudy and dark until about five minutes ago definitely did not help. Hopefully I’ll perk up to be able to go out for dinner. This is a brew that the lawyer picked up for me. She split the bomber with me and was not that impressed. Let’s see if I like this one.


ABV: 4.80%

Style: Witbier

Trivia: According to, “Rogue Ales is celebrating Mother’s Day with the release of Mom Hefeweizen brewed with Oregon Rose Petals from Oregon. This year, give Mom something she really wants: roses and beer! Mom’s Hefeweizen is only available in April and May. Roses have a long history of being used for fragrance and flavor, dating back several millennia. The most common product is rose water that is made by the distillate of rose petals. It is used to flavor food and also in religious purposes throughout the world. It was so highly valued for its medicinal and flavor properties that the ancient Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians placed as much importance on large public rose gardens as they did on wheat fields and fruit orchards. Dedicated to the Mother in each of us, Mom Hefeweizen with Roses features the likeness of Mo Niemi (1912 1992) whose spirit has indelibly shaped the daily life of Newport, Oregon. Mo, founder of world famous Mo’s Restaurants, was Rogue’s first landlord and surrogate mom in Newport. Rogue Mom Hefeweizen with Roses is available on draft and limited edition 22oz serigraphed bottle. Mom Hefeweizen with Roses will also be available for purchase for Mother’s Day online at”

This brew poured with a one finger white head that dissipated slowly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was slightly hazy and dark yellow with high levels of carbonation visible. The nose was very light. I got wheat, lemon and yeast and a floral note too. There were light amounts of banana and some yeast as well. The taste was relatively mild as well. There was some bread and yeast up front with light mandarin oranges as well. There was some banana and wheat with a touch of flowers to it. The body was on the thinner side with heavy carbonation present. The finish was pretty quick with wheat and citrus. This beer was pretty good and would definitely go down easily on a hot day. I will say that I didn’t get much from the rose petals except a slight floral note, but it did make it more interesting.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0