Twisted Pine Billy’s Chillies Beer (Timberline Series)

It is still pretty cold out. If not for the wind, it wouldn’t be so bad. It figures that on my day off that I really don’t have to do anything work related, it’s not conducive to doing much. Despite that, I’ve been relatively productive. Anyways, here’s a review of another brew I picked up on vacation.


ABV: 5%

Style: Chile Beer

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Serrano, Habanero, Jalapeno, Anaheim, and Fresno chili peppers are the stars of this unfiltered wheat beer, providing wonderfully fresh, spicy aroma and a complex chili pepper taste. The chili flavor is mild, not dominant, thus making for an incredibly drinkable beer that pairs great with food and will leave you thirsty for more.”

Random: I’m still watching reruns of “Criminal Minds.” I’m probably going to have nightmares tonight.

This brew poured with a finger of pure white head that dissipated quickly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a very cloudy yellow-orange color with heavy carbonation. I think I’m going to appreciate the carbonation when I get to sipping this one. The nose starts with bell peppers and then goes right into spicy chili scents, which is to be expected. The taste started with green bell peppers and then quickly goes into serious chili pepper heat. It then goes into serrano, jalapeno and then habanero that kicks you in the back of the throat. The heat is intense, but not as overpowering as Ghost Face Killa, which for me wasn’t even drinkable. There may have been some subtle malt to it, but as to be expected, the chilis are what take center stage. After a few sips, it’s hard to pick out anything besides chili peppers and heat. The body was on the light side with heavy carbonation. The finish is long with heat that lingers at the back of the throat. I like hot peppers, so I did enjoy this beer, but if you don’t have a high tolerance for spice, I doubt you’d enjoy this one. But, I liked it and would have it again.

Untappd Rating: 3.5/5.0

Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy IPA

My sister and I watched “The Avengers” last night. One thing about my sister and I is that we can’t stand chick flicks. If we’re watching a movie at home, it’s going to be an action movie nine times out of ten. I have to say, I really enjoyed the movie. I was a big comic book fan in my youth and even though it strayed from the comic book, it was really enjoyable to watch. I can’t wait until they make a sequel of it. Onto the beer…

ABV: 6%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Hoppy Boy India Pale Ale is the flagship beer of Twisted Pine. It pours a hazy pale orange and has a dry, tart taste with an earthy bitterness. Pleasant grapefruit and citrus notes are provided by the addition of Cascade hops. This classic American IPA is brewed with medium caramel malts that play off the citrus and orange rind hop flavors to make this beer most enjoyable.”

Random: If I had to pick a superhero in “The Avengers” to be, it would most definitely be Thor. The whole demi-god thing really has some appeal to me.

Poured with a huge three finger cream-colored head that dissipated slowly and left lots of lacing on the pint glass. A generous crown was left on top as well. The body was a clear, dark amber color with light carbonation visible throughout. The nose had notes of light, herbal hops, but it quickly went into a lot of malt with a touch of brown sugar sweetness at the end. On the taste, it started with some nutty malt and the same brown sugar sweetness that was apparent in the nose. The sip transitioned into herbal hops, but they were relatively light. The body was on the medium side and a touch under carbonated. It had a slow finish with a lot of malt. I was not a huge fan of this one. It was way too malty and it need more carbonation and more hops. I would not have this one again.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0

Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah

One of my many foibles is that I am a crazy, picky eater. I feel badly for Kate when she cooks for me because she knows there is a laundry list of things that I will not eat. One of the things that bothers me is hamburgers or sandwiches that are too big to fit into your mouth. A close second is very messy sandwiches. On Barefoot Contessa’s burger episode today, she managed to make a burger that is not only too big, but is insanely messy. Gross.

ABV: 5%

Style: Chile Beer

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “GFK is brewed with 6 zany peppers. Anaheim, Fresno, Jalapeno, Serrano, Habanero and Bhut Jolokia – Otherwise known as the Ghost Pepper. 200 times the heat of jalapenos, Bhut Jolokia are the hottest peppers in the world, a pepper so hot it can be weaponized. So hot that our brewers had to wear masks and gloves to cut them up. Aroma of smoked chillis fills the nose on first whiff, but don’t let it linger to long. Immediately on first taste GFK has a nice golden wheat flavor, but this is only for a fleeting moment before the temperature rises. Just hold on, the warmth of this beer will set in for a long spicy burn. There is only one finish on this beer – HEAT!”

Random: Ina is now making one of her favorite burger joint sides: a salad. Seriously?

Obviously I have to be stupid to try this beer. I love hot things, but never to the point that I order things as spicy as possible. To me, there is a fine line between spicy, yet flavorful and spicy for the sake of being hot. With that being said, this one poured with a finger of thin white head that dissipated instantly and left no lacing on the glass. The body was a clear, medium yellow color with insane amounts of carbonation. The nose was straight out hot pepper. If there was anything else there, it was taken over by the pepper. The taste was even worse. It was just hot…painfully hot actually. It tasted like liquid hot peppers. The body was light with a lot of carbonation. The finished lasted way too long and guess what? It was really, really hot. It actually burned the back of my throat. If you love hot stuff and enjoy having third degree burns on your throat, seek this out. Otherwise, this is just a gimmicky beer.

Untappd Rating: 1.0/5.0