About Beerproof

Just a regular type-A personality in central New Jersey, about an hour from Philadelphia. Although I was in EMS for 10 years, I am a General Manager for a third-party logistics company. My hub specifically deals with furniture, which people get very (irrationally) upset about. I was born in New York City, but I love Philly, including all of its sports teams, especially the Phillies and the Eagles. When I’m not working, I love beer, whether it be visiting breweries or drinking it at home. I enjoying trying beers of all different styles and the more that I try, the less that I have a favorite style, although it’s hard to turn down something that is bourbon-barrel aged. I’m also a Certified Beer Server and am taking the German Beer Styles class from Cicerone. I have a really cute cat who gets dressed up more often that he probably should. His latest costume was a unicorn…and no, he doesn’t have any dignity left.

Other than beer, I spend a lot of time with my other half, also referred to as the lawyer on the blog. She’s right by my side, visiting breweries or bringing home beer hauls from different states. We go into the city a lot to see concerts or go to hipster craft fairs. She drinks beers that are more on the fruity side and is not a fan of IPAs.

  1. Rick says:

    Thanks for the listing in your BLOGROLL section! I will reciprocate on AFTC. Always suprised when I come across great blogger sites such as yours. Cheers!

  2. Same here. Thanks for the mention! I have a feeling we’ll be reading more from you on TBC soon! 🙂

  3. Like the site, and thanks for the link! I just put up a reciprocal link on our site. Hope you don’t mind I fiddled with your graphic to use as a link. Stay thirsty, friend.

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  5. Rob says:


    I’d like to get in contact with you to discuss a partnership. We manage the local environments for a number of Beer and Food websites and I’d like to discuss connecting your site with network.

    Do you have any time to speak this week?


    Rob R.

  6. David Page says:

    I produce the show Beer Geeks hosted by Michael Ferguson, the first nationally syndicated show celebrating the world of craft beer. And I’m writing to ask for your help.

    As great as the show is (we’ve just been nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Culinary Program up against the big boys like Bobby Flay and Anthony Bourdain), generating revenue to produce the series remains a struggle. We are committed to shooting season two and are trying to fund the shooting of one episode through Kickstarter. Which means we need to get the word out (and quickly, since we are on a 30 day Kickstarter deadline).

    It would be a great help if you could please contribute (as little as a buck is ok) and pass the word along to anyone and everyone you know — through your blogs, email lists, websites, any way you can help us reach as many beer lovers as possible. Please direct everyone to our Kickstarter site via this web address:

    By doing this, you can be a big part of helping us continue to get the word out about the great craft beer community. And we appreciate the assistance very, very much.



    David Page
    Executive Producer
    Beer Geeks

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