Diamondback Citranova

The site I worked at in Ohio was about 20 minutes outside of Columbus. It was difficult to find any bars that had local craft beer, but what was interesting was that the ABV law had just changed in Ohio, so even the chain restaurants were trying to get super high ABV beers on tap. They also sell beer in gas stations, which is weird to someone in Jersey. This beer is a super low ABV beer that Val picked up for me last time she went to DC.


ABV: 4.5%

Style: American IPA

Trivia: According to the brewery website, “Light refreshing session ale loaded with Citra hops.”

Random: We’re watching an episode of “House Hunters” where the owners have a mini pig and they want the pig to have their own space. I have no words.

The beer poured with a one finger, pure white head. It dissipated slowly and left some lacing on the glass. The body was clear and golden-yellow in color with moderate carbonation. There was a small crown left on top of the body too. The nose had some grain, a lot of grass and orange peel. There was also some sweetness on the nose. The taste was more grainy and sweet than I expected, even for a session IPA. It had a toasty and caramel malt note and then went into grass. It wasn’t very citrusy. I’m thinking that perhaps I had an older can. It had a medium body, thicker than I was used to for a session beer and it had plenty of carbonation to go with it. The finish was almost instant with caramel malt. A can of this was $1.83, which broke down to $.15. Despite this beer being reasonably priced, I needed some more hops on the palate.

Untappd Rating: 3.0/5.0