Peak Highball Ginger Mule

Over the summer, I started trying Moscow Mules and really got into them. I love ginger, so obviously I love Moscow Mules and was interesting in giving a cider version a shot.

ABV: 6.9%

Style: Cider

Trivia: According to the cidery website, “The Highball Cider Cocktails. Crisp & refreshing organic hard cider fused with unique cocktail treatments – heralded by the industry’s most cutting edge bartenders. The series will launch with three varieties, each drawing inspiration from innovations in the craft cocktail world. They will feature the same base cider as the fermentable – using all organic, non-gmo apples. Ginger I Mule is a clear nod to the moscow mule with ginger from our friends at Charlie’s Redhouse Farm as the centerpiece. Herbaceous and flavorful, Ginger I Mule creates the perfect balance of spice and sweetness.”

Random: Moscow Mule mugs are visually pleasing to me.

I tried this one straight out of the can. The nose had a lot of ginger upfront, which I expected. It also had some nice green apple notes and a grassy note as well. The taste was almost exactly like a Moscow Mule. It had a pungent ginger note, but it didn’t veer off to overpower everything. The apple note was pleasant and on the taste, provided a nice sweetness. The alcohol was insanely well-hidden. The body was on the medium side with generous carbonation. It had a lengthy finish with ginger. A can of this was $3.62, which came to $.23 per ounce. I thought this was a great change of pace and had nice flavor. This would be good to have at a party for non beer drinkers.

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0