Red Brick Brick Mason Series #3: 17th Anniversary Ale

I tried this one having never heard of this brewery. Obviously it doesn’t get distribution to New Jersey (yet), but they do an anniversary ale that tends to be outstanding. I have never had a bourbon barrel aged brown, so I was quite interested to see how this one was. Especially because it was aged in Jim Beam barrels…let’s see how this one went down.

ABV: 8.5%

Style: American Brown Ale

Trivia: According to, “Check your tap handles and your shelves, Red Brick 17th Anniversary is here. Months ago, 72 Jim Beam barrels were filled with this “double brown” ale. Fans of both Beam and beer will love this one.”


Random: I know that I’ve complained about the bites on my legs in multiple posts, but I think I have about 20 on each leg. I am so itchy, it isn’t even funny.

This brew poured with a one finger, thick and creamy off white head. It dissipated slowly and left some lacing on the glass. The body was a very cloudy chestnut-brown color with a lot of detritus floating within. The nose was all bourbon. I got notes of vanilla and tobacco with brown sugar as well. The taste was out of this world good, especially for a brown ale. I got lots of bourbon barrel, which was very smooth with vanilla and molasses with a touch of brown sugar. The booze was really well hidden on it as well. The body was medium thickness with lots of carbonation. The finish was long with lots of bourbon. I really enjoyed this beer and wish that I could try it again. If you see it, it is definitely worth trying!

Untappd Rating: 4.0/5.0