Magners Irish Cider

Last night, I went to Dublin Square in Bordentown with my sister to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little bit early. I felt compelled to do a review on something Irish. This is a cider that I’ve had many, many times. One of the most memorable times having this was at a bar in Ireland, although there it was called Bulmers. I haven’t had this in a few years, so I was really looking forward to it.

ABV: 4.5%

Style: Cider

Trivia: According to wikipedia, “Commercial cider production was started in Clonmel, South Tipperary in 1935, by local man William Magner. Magner bought the orchard from a Mr Phelan from Clonmel. Magner quickly established a successful business. In 1937 he joined forces with the English cider-makers H. P. Bulmer and Company. Dowds Lane in Clonmel was the location of this burgeoning enterprise. In 1949 Magner withdrew from the business and the Bulmers name came to the fore. However H.P. Bulmer maintained international rights to the Bulmers trade mark, which prevented the Irish company exporting the brand from Ireland. In 1964 the company name was changed to Showerings (Ireland) Ltd. Soon after, the company moved its main processing operations to a new complex at Annerville, five kilometres from the centre of Clonmel heading east on the N24 Waterford road, which was opened in 1965 by the then Taoiseach, Seán Lemass. Today the Bulmers/Magners arm of C&C Group employs more than 470 people and is a substantial part of the economic infrastructure of Clonmel. Magners is not the same as Bulmers; it is owned by C&C, one of Ireland’s biggest drinks companies.”

Random: I love the fact that the glass matches what’s in it.

Cider poured with no head and a clear orange body with lot of visible carbonation. The nose had notes of apple and a hint of spice. The taste had definite apple notes without being overly sweet. A hint of spice follows with some nice dryness. The body itself was perfect, it wasn’t too thin or too thick. The carbonation really complemented the taste and didn’t overwhelm. This is a cider that a beer drinker that would enjoy. It’s not too sweet I love this cider. I always loved this cider. Really satisfying.

Untappd Rating: 4.5/5.0